EW Polymer Group


Frequently Asked Questions

What products and grades do you carry?
We are specialized in rubber and rubber chemicals. We carry synthetic rubber and natural rubber and a number of associated rubber chemicals. See the Products section for a complete description of our products and grades, and contact us for a further discussion. Contact information is provided under the Contact Us section.

What markets do you sell to?
We sell to producers in the tire, automotive, and mechanical goods markets, as well as compounders and other markets that use rubber materials.

Where do you source your material?
We source our material from well established ISO certified producers in Asia and Europe. Our suppliers have world-class plants located close to the source of raw materials.

What is the lead-time for your products?
We sell through long-term contracts and established periodical supply. For security of supply, we carry an inventory in our warehouse in Brook Park, Ohio.

Can I buy your products on spot?
We set up long term contracts to serve our customers with a secure steady supply and we also sell products on spot basis.