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Butyl Rubber


Butyl Rubber Cenway I IR 532 is a copolymer rubber of isobutylene and isoprene.

Basic Properties

PropertiesUnitIndexTest Method
Appearance   Off-white Visual
Mooney Viscosity MU 51±5 ISO 289/ASTM D1646
Volatiles wt% ≤ 0.3 ISO 248/ASTM D5668
Total Ash wt% ≤ 0.3 CENWAY METHOD
Antioxidant wt% ≥ 0.03 ISO 247/ASTM D5667

Regular Butyl Rubber I IR-532 has superior air impermeability, outstanding performance of heat-resistance, chemical corrosion-resistance, thermal aging resistance, and good curing performance. It can be widely used for innertubes of tires, medical stoppers, ball bladders, sealing materials and electrical insulations.

Safety & Toxicity
I IR-532 is polymer in solid with stable performance. It is harmless and not dangerous for humans, plants and animals. For relevant safety data and reference, please refer to MSDS.

25 ± 0.5 kg/bale in modified PE film.
Pallets of plywood box of 1050 kg with 42 bales.
Pallets of metal box of 1200 kg with 48 bales.

Storage Life & Conditions
Three years with keeping storage & transport under 35℃ and against sunlight.